Benefits to Hum and Beep

Here's a place to post some of the benefits of the Hum Beep purchase-and-sale system. If you read the story of why I came up with Hum Beep, well, not getting screwed for nothing, is a nice benefit.

Another benefit is sorting out the first-come-first-serve mess on Craigslist. If your seller uses HumBeep then as a buyer you can lock in your hot craigslist purchase by clicking through and closing the deal now, and then pick it up later. If the money is on its way, how can the seller back out? As a buyer you could click around and make the transaction how you like it, and get the seller to connect up and make it their own. Then the seller gets the benefit of knowing who their customer is and not having to sort through all the no-shows.

Another is, transactions are enforceable. In order to engage in a Hum Beep transaction, you must have already agreed to certain simple contracts. These are enforceable agreements; they exist under the jurisdiction of an actual court of law; the evidence of the steps of the transaction are admissible in court, and the outcome is quite predictable given HumBeep's evidence of commitments and performance, so you can actually more reliably count on the outcome you plan for when you enter into your transaction. That's a nice benefit.

Another benefit is, the cost of the transaction is far less than when you use Visa or MasterCard. The banking services system seems to charge 2.5% or 2.75% for commercial customers, so if you are selling something, that puts you down a notch. HumBeep also charges, but less than 1/5 of that amount. Another benefit is, no minimum transaction fee. The credit cards charge a quarter, USD$0.25, which means small transactions are senseless. Humbeep does pass on the charges from your payment system, but some of those are very small amounts, so the net net is a big improvement, especially on small transactions. Why buy something for a quarter, if it costs a quarter to transfer the quarter? In Humbeep, buy something for a quarter, and it costs the 25 cents plus less than one eighth of a cent.

...Maybe we'll have to reconsider that....

Another benefit is, once you have money inside the HumBeep world, you can use it there to do further transactions. You don't have to do the costly bank transfers in and out once you have some crypto in your pocket. Okay it's just a few percent, but it does adds up, especially if you go in and out and in and out repeatedly. Start accepting payment inside crypto, and making payment inside crypto, and the crypto-to-dollars costly repetitive churn doesn't eat you alive.

Thank you for your interest, and please give feedback freely!

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