Hum Beep Judge

software that follows and enforces the Hum Beep Protocol

The Judge.

Here, the Hum Beep Judge tracks your transactions through the steps of the Hum Beep Protocol.

Sellers sell and buyers buy according to the Humbeep Protocol. Each branch and each step in the Humbeep Protocol is a safe and sound way to move through an entire purchase-and-sale transaction so that everyone gets what they want according to what they have agreed to here.

From specifying what the seller wants to sell to getting the buyer's agreement, funds, and approval of the deliverable, the Judge tracks each step in the process. Any problems have a defined and agreed process to handle them.

Here you can enter the transaction ID and see the steps that have taken place so far, as well as expectations of what happens next, and when, in your transaction.

One job of the Judge program is to hold and monitor the buyer's funds from the time they initiate the purchase until they approve the deliverable, and to send the funds on to the seller once approved.

You can inform the Judge of any problems; and the Judge can handle returns if something got broken in transit.


If there are conflicts of interpretation or performance the Humbeep Protocol provides for legal commitments by both parties which are enforceable in court. As a condition of participation, Humbeep transaction records are agreed as admissible in court. Sufficient information is included in those records that the court decision-making process can be nearly automatic. This provides clarity to buyer and seller as well as legal enforceability to the purchase and sale contract they enter into through the Humbeep protocol.

The idea is for you to have a trustworthy way to buy something over the internet.


Transaction Status

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Once you are identified to the system, the Judge will display a form here to let you specify a transaction id in order to see what has happened and what is the current status of your transaction.

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