Transferring Value

on the Blockchain

Transferring value means...

Once it's transferred, it's transferred. To get it back, you can't undo the transfer, but instead you have to do a transfer back.

In BitCoin, the sender, the recipient, and the amount transferred are all stored in the blockchain.

In Ethereum, a whole computer program and its execution pointer are stored in the blockchain. That can include a lot more than just Who and How Much. One way to operate the HumBeep protocol is to encode it into an ethereum program, known fallaciously as a Smart Contract (they aren't contracts, and they aren't necessarily smart).

Instead, we encode the protocol steps in the HumBeep database, and separately do the transfer itself on the BTC, Ethereum, or Lightning chains.

The problem in value transfer is not value transfer, but establishing a meeting of minds before the transaction is kicked off, and establishing that the deliverable is actually delivered, and that the customer actually recieved what they were promised, and that the seller gets paid if they carried out their side of the bargain. That is mostly a lot of real-world negotiation and verification, and not mostly the value transfer itself.

So BTC and ETH and Lightning or any other programmable form of money can all handle the value transfer, but HumBeep handles the purchase and the sale in which value transfer is an essential step, but just one step.

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Created: May 19, 2023