HumBeep LinkGen is the seller's link generator page.

Enter below your offering details, description, price, etc., and click Make Link.

The link is computer code that you can copy into an email or web page such as a web advertisement.

It gives the buyer a link to click on, to make the deal with you.

The purchase-and-sale transaction is governed by a software protocol which establishes a legally enforceable contract between buyer and seller, so that each can reliably perform their responsibilities and receive the intended and expected results.


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  • Seller App here You tell it where to send your money, what kind of money you want. You use this to tell the Judge you're ready, you approve the buyer's request, you shipped the deliverable, it tells you to proceed, the buyer paid, the judge is sending you your money, the money arrives and you can see it, transfer it out. So it's a digital currency wallet as well as a UI for selling.

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