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Here you (a Hum Beep seller) generate a link to represent your particular sales offering.

Enter below your offering details, description, price, etc., and click Create Link.

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The link is computer code that you can copy into an email or web page such as a web advertisement.

It gives the buyer a link to click on, to make the deal with you.

The purchase-and-sale transaction is governed by a software protocol which establishes a legally enforceable contract between buyer and seller, so that each can reliably perform their responsibilities and receive the intended and expected results.

Here is the Hum Beep Contract. As a seller, by clicking on Create Link, you agree to the Hum Beep Contract. As a Buyer, by agreeing to make the linked purchase, you also agree to the Hum Beep Contract. The Contract is made specific by including the details of the transaction according to the Created Link and the Agreed Transaction. For each party and both parties, the Contract is enforceable in X court, electronic signatures are accepted, etc etc.

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