a Hum Beep app

The Seller App

Here is where you interact as a seller with the HumBeep Protocol.

You make an ad, saying what you want to sell for how much, telling the app where to send your money and what kind of money you want. You use this process to tell the Judge you're ready to sell, that you accept the buyer's request, that you shipped the deliverable. The app also tells you: that your ad looks good, that the buyer accepts your terms, that it's time to deliver, that the buyer has recieved and approved the goods. The buyer pays, and the Judge sends you your money; the money arrives and you can see it here or transfer it out to another connected account. So it's a digital currency wallet as well as a UI for selling.

Seller's first step

Go to Generate Link. Fill out the form, generate a link, which is some html code you will see when you click Create Link in the form.

Seller's second step

Copy/paste the generated link into a web page, email, or advertisement for potential buyers to engage with.


When a buyer accepts your offer by clicking on your link, Hum Beep will get to work. Hummmmmmmmm.

For questions or problems please contact me.

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Created: May 19, 2023