Hum Beep

a software-enforced purchase and sale protocol


Hum Beep aims to provide a system for buying and selling that is safe and sound, transparent and enforceable. 

Read the Story and discover the Benefits of Hum Beep.

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At the moment, HumBeep is a process in process. This page currently describes an early draft of a future system. It lives on linode in the cloud. The page will be updated as things gradually get working. Meanwhile please send us your email address for development milestone announcements.

Hum... Beep! It's a process.

Here's the idea. You go in, you sell or buy, your partner in the transaction buys or sells, the process hums hums, then beep! you get your money, or you get what you bought, both sides happy.

Instead of Visa and MasterCard charging you 2.75%, you use Hum Beep with a digital currency (we aim to BitCoin, Lightning, and Ethereum), and the cost of transactions can be reduced by more than 5x, or more if you are subject to minimum transaction fees.

  • Seller link generator here Create your own link to copy into your selling page, craigslist, onoffer, whatever. Put in your description, price, terms, get something to cut-and-paste for the buyer to click on to make the deal with you.

  • Seller App here You tell it where to send your money, what kind of money you want. You use this to tell the Judge you're ready, you approve the buyer's request, you shipped the deliverable, it tells you to proceed, the buyer paid, the judge is sending you your money, the money arrives and you can see it, transfer it out. So it's a digital currency wallet manager as well as a UI for selling.

  • Buyer App here Comes up when you click the seller's link. Use it to say you agree to the purchase terms, to send some money to the Judge who will send it on to the Seller after you are happy with the deliverable, and to tell the Judge you got it and maybe handle a return if it got broken in transit. So it's a wallet to send from, and a User interface for buying.

  • Judge service lives here The Judge makes sure everyone is happy at every step: That everyone agreed to the terms, that the money is put up at the right time, paid at the right time, that the buyer agrees that the delivery is accepted before the seller gets paid. The judge is software following the logic of a protocol, and the protocol makes sure the transaction is trustworthy.

  • Make a public record:  On BitCoin  On Ethereum   On Iota  On Lightning Network 
    Send and Deliver value: As BTC As Ether As Iota As USDC

  • Fees. HumBeep transaction cost is just the cost of the underlying digital currency transaction, plus less than 1/2 of one percent. There's no minimum fee.

    In the American credit card system, Visa/MasterCard transactions cost five times this much and more, with minimums that make small transactions impossible. Here you can try it on something small, there is no membership or application fees.

  • Legal. Read the Hum Beep Purchase and Sale Contract, which you must agree to before engaging in a Hum Beep transaction.

For questions or problems please contact me.

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